Our Firm, Our Business, and Our Service Model

Our Firm The Wilson Insurance Agency, providing expert advice, valuable resources, and affordable solutions for all your insurance and financial planning needs since 1985.

We are an independent financial planning and insurance agency working with a multitude of companies. Our mission is to do the insurance shopping for you, finding the best coverage at a competitive price. We want our clients to be able to purchase insurance how they want it when they want it.

Since the founding of the Wilson Insurance Agency the goals of our experienced staff of insurance experts have been the same: providing affordable, quality, insurance coverage with policies from leading, financially sound insurance companies. We are pleased that our commitment to customer service has made us a leading independent insurance agency.


Our Business Model is to make available; affordable quality insurance protection with only top rated carriers. In addition we strive to attract and retain the type of insurance clients that appreciate the benefits of risk management and expert insurance advice. In this cyclical insurance industry, it’s not uncommon for insurance carriers to increase their premiums to compensate for the higher-than projected claim experience. Conversely, carriers will reduce rates when there is favorable claim experience. And from time to time the Wilson Insurance Agency will attempt to negotiate a lower premium for a large block of clients either with the current carrier or with another A rated carrier. Sometimes we are successful; However, the success is based on the overall claim experience of all our clients. With this in mind, we make available many risk management tools to help you, help us, save everyone money on their insurance premiums. And we can achieve this by working together to reduce the amount and frequency of claims. One such innovative risk management tool we have is the Teensurance package (">seeTEENSURANCE video) which allows you to know how and where your teen is driving in real time via your computer.(This Program Is Only Available to Safeco Insurance Company policyholders). Ask your agent about other tools that match your household.


Our Service Model is to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction by having a live person available to provide customer service, for some of our carriers this service is available 24/7 while other carriers have extended hours from 8am to 9pm.

You can also access your policy via the internet by visiting the page on our site titled “Our Products, Services, and Companies”, once there you simply click on the hyperlink of the company you’re insured with. If you don’t see your company, go to the link Client Services, located directly above the flash art on the home page and complete the appropriate service request form.

We encourage our clients to take advantage of the technology we have available, along with the risk management resources we have on our site. We feel if we provide our clients with the best possible service, with top rated carriers, with expert insurance advice, and proper risk management we will be in the best position to negotiate the best rates for our most valued clients.